Media Policy

Last Edited: March 2023

Genderverse Furries is happy to enter into a partnership with responsible members of the media to promote the best interests of our fandom and our events.

Media Accreditation Request

Our events are private events, and as such we allow media access to them, and the attendees, only by prior arrangement.

To request such an arrangement, please fill out the Media Accreditation Request form.

As a volunteer-run organization, we may not have the resources to respond to requests for access to our events in the period immediately prior to or during those events. We must request that as much as possible you contact us well in advance of our events to arrange for accreditation to our events.

Media Coverage Policy

We request that, while in event space, accredited members of the media:

  • be identified with a media badge which will be provided at our registration desk,
  • be accompanied by a designated member of our staff, unless expressly permitted,
  • respect the prior arrangements made with Genderverse Furries (date and time, duration, schedule, etc.),
  • respect the Code of Conduct,
  • obtain the express consent of anyone in our event space prior to interviewing, photographing or filming them, in compliance to PIPEDA,
  • respect withdrawal of consent if applicable.

As with all attendees, members of the media are required to present a valid photo ID at the registration desk in order to obtain a badge and be allowed in the event space.

Breach of Agreement

Should these terms be breached, the media representative(s) will be escorted out of the event space and requested to destroy all notes, photographs, recordings produced in the event space.