COVID-19 Policy

We want to keep this event as safe as possible while still allowing everyone to enjoy themselves.

Capacity limit

Kind Space enforces a 59-person limit for the venue. Register in advance to ensure that you and your friends have room. 

We also recommend keeping the flex (south) room to max 15 people, the media (north) room to 10 people, and the quiet room to 2 people.


We recommend sanitizing or washing your hands before and after eating or touching your face.


We strongly suggest that everyone mask at all times unless wearing a fursuit head, taking a bite of food, or sipping their drink.

We recommend wearing a medical mask (or better) rather than a non-medical cloth mask.

We also recommend bringing additional masks in case of breakage or loss.

Air circulation

Weather permitting, we will open windows to improve air quality.


We do not require proof of vaccination at this time, but we still strongly recommend that all attendees be up to date with their vaccine and booster doses.

Contact and distancing

Hugs and snuggles are great, but be sure to obtain consent before approaching, and to respect others’ space otherwise, especially if you are eating.

Please let an organizer know if someone is not respecting your space.