What is Genderverse Furries?

Genderverse Furries organizes supportive online spaces and in-person events for furries (and our friends!) who are – or are questioning if they are – somewhere outside of the Western-colonial cis-normative gender binary.

Trans. Questioning. Non-binary. Two-spirit. Agender. Hijra. Genderqueer. Gender nonconforming. Third gender.

No matter what you call yourself, if you like wholesome critter-folk and don’t fit into that assigned-at-birth binary, there’s space for you here.

Our Name

It’s simply because there are so many dimensions to the ways we realize ourselves. A whole universe, if you will!

Our Mission

The furry fandom is an inclusive, encouraging, and affirming place. It naturally draws in people who don’t fit into the mainstream. This goes for gender too! So we created this space to give gender diverse furs a place where we can take up space, care for each other and celebrate each other for who we are. It’s not always easy, but together we can help make the fandom an even better place!

With this in mind…

We are an empowerment space. We are not a “safe space”, because we acknowledge that we cannot keep everyone safe 100% of the time. We empower each other to navigate conflict, heal, and realize ourselves by celebrating our races, genders, sexualities, mental and physical abilities, religions, and other parts of our identities.

We endeavor to reduce the harm we do through our words and actions. This is a lifelong struggle and we will never succeed completely. However, we know that this is the only way that we can achieve justice, empowerment, and strength of community.

We want to help each other, have fun, and show the furry fandom that exploring and expressing a/gender can be caring, playful and fun!

Nej the fuzzy purple frog dashingly winks and licks their forehead at you!

– Nej, Genderverse Furries Founder