Genderverse Mini-Furcon 4 Schedule Coming Soon!!

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Genderverse Mini-FurCon Summer 2024 Activities

Flex Room: group activities! we will announce as each is about to start:

Bracelet-making with Nedge: create colourful rubber-band bracelets of your design, including many pride flag colours!

Coming Out as Trans in a Professional Workplace by DeerGrace: a talk sharing her experiences and advice

Zine workshop by Sophie and Bishop: The return of the popular workshop from last time with a twist! Self-expression and art meet, and you don’t need to know how to draw!

Button-making by Serval: come make your own 1” wide button you can wear right away! We will have all the equipment plus coloured pencils and markers!

Chocolate tasting by Serval: it’s baaaaack! Come discover the world of mind-blowing flavours and types that the cacao bean offers!

Main Room: relax and mingle! Open activities for all:

Messages of Positivity you can write to inspire others, posted on our banner

Genderverse activity book with colouring pages, games and a paper airplane

Gender Topics, a group conversation activity of cards with various fun or deep questions to stimulate group conversation (also available in French!)

Raffle prizes – commissions, chocolate, trans candies, and more (draw at 5pm)

Video games on KindSpace’s consoles

Board games to stimulate the mind or the funny bone

Snacks of the healthy and sweet varieties

Media Room: slightly noisier fun – just keep it at a reasonable volume!

Silly online videos kept strictly within our age limit, please

Karaoke for all voices yearning to break free

Open mic for those who really need to let their emotions out (microphone not included 😉)