Privacy Policy

Last Updated: March 2023

So as to protect its attendees, volunteers, staff, partners and contractors’ privacy and their personal information, Genderverse Anthropomorphic Events (Genderverse Furries) is committed to diligently abide by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

The term “personal information” is defined by the PIPEDA as being “information about an identifiable individual”.


By filling a form, such as the examples below, you give implied consent for Genderverse Furries to collect, use and disclose the provided personal information as outlined in the present policy.

  • a registration form to attend an event,
  • a parental consent form for a minor in your care to attend an event,
  • an application form to be a dealer, DJ, staff member, volunteer, panelist, etc.,
  • a form to make a donation or lend an item to Genderverse Furries.

By attending a Genderverse Furries event, you consent to being photographed or videographed and to these photos or recordings to be used by Genderverse Furries for promotional purposes. If you wish to withdraw this consent, please inform our Board of Directors in writing at

What we collect

Genderverse Furries limits its collection of personal information to what it identifies as necessary for the organization of successful and safe events, such as a person’s legal name, furry name, address, date of birth and email address.

What we do with it

Genderverse Furries strictly limits its use and disclosure of personal information to what a reasonable person would consider appropriate for the fulfillment of the raison d’être of Genderverse Furries: to organize successful and safe furry events.

Examples of How we Might Use Personal Information:

  • To verify the identity of attendees upon registration for a given event,
  • To validate and document parental consent of minors attending a given event,
  • To contact dealers, panelists, DJs, staff, volunteers, etc. for coordination.
  • To ensure accountability in case of a breach of Genderverse Furies’s Code of Conduct,
  • To forward satisfaction surveys to improve our future events,
  • To produce statistical reports to improve our future events,

Examples of Circumstances When we Might Disclose Personal Information:

  • To communicate with the venue on your behalf and with your consent,
  • To share information with our merchandise suppliers, for instance to personalize items as part of a registration package,
  • To print contributors’ badge names in a con book, with their consent,
  • To publish photos or videos taken during events for promotional purposes,
  • To disclose information to the venue and/or to law officials in case of disturbance (in this case, the individual would be informed),
  • To disclose information to other conventions, if deemed necessary, for safety reasons (in this case, the individual would be informed).

How we keep it safe

As recommended by the PIPEDA, Genderverse Furries considers all three following types of personal information safeguard measures:

Physical Measures

  • Physical documents containing personal information are kept under lock,
    • When appropriate, such documents are scanned and then destroyed.
  • Staff members refrain from discussing personal information in public spaces.
  • Access to spaces where personal information is kept is restricted.

Organizational Measures

  • Internal policies exist to outline staff members’ roles and responsibilities regarding personal information,
  • Staff members and volunteers sign an agreement which binds them to protect the personal information to which they are exposed,
  • Individuals’ access to personal information is:
    • granted on a need to know basis,
    • documented,
    • and revoked when no longer necessary,
  • Genderverse Furries keeps an inventory of:
    • which personal information is collected,
    • its purpose,
    • where it is stored,
    • and how long it is retained,
  • The Genderverse Furries board conducts annual internal audits to ensure that Genderverse Furries remains compliant to the PIPEDA.

Technical Measures

  • Personal information in digital format is protected by passwords.

How long we keep it

Genderverse Furries retains personal information for as long as it deems necessary, and no longer.

This typically means:

  • seven (7) years for email, legal name, date of birth and transaction information,
  • one (1) year for phone number, street name and civic number,
  • indefinitely for badge name, postal code, city and country.

In case of a serious breach of Genderverse Furries’ Code of Conduct, the board of directors may decide to extend the duration of an attendee’s personal information retention, in which case said attendee would be informed.

Contact us

You may contact the Genderverse Furries board of directors at at any time if you wish to:

  • request access to your personal information,
  • request an update to your personal information if you deem it inaccurate or incomplete,
  • request further information about our privacy practices and policies,
  • withdraw your consent for a given piece of personal information,
  • challenge our compliance of the PIPEDA.

Should you be unsatisfied with the board’s response to your query, you can contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada at 1-800-282-1376 (toll free).