Genderverse Furries warping back in time to PineFurCon 2019! Groovy!

Genderverse Furries is proud to announce that we’ll be at Pine Fur Con 2019 – The 70’s!! from April 5th-7th! (Yes, we realize the announcement is late, but we’ve been super busy with preparations for the fun stuff we have to share!!)

Nej and Serval will be be hosting a social on Saturday morning from 9:30-10:30 in the panel room, where you’ll be able to do artsy stuff, a discussion game, or just hang out and meet other furs like you! We’ll also be around in the zoo after the dance competition with our swag (including rainbow pronoun ribbons!) and so you can do more artsy stuff or just chat with us about what Genderverse Furries is all about!

Finally, check out the charity room for a surprise from us!!

We hope to see you all there – we can’t wait to see your smiles!

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